Life Outcomes after Brain Injury Research Program

Life Outcomes After Brain Injury Research Program

Life Outcomes after Brain Injury (LOBI) is a research center located within the Department of Occupational Therapy at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. The research conducted through LOBI focuses on screening students for possible traumatic brain injury (TBI), life outcomes, and care access following brain injury (See Publications for previous research from this center). Currently, we have a funded research study, through the Colorado Brain Injury Trust Fund Research Program (CO-TBITF), which supports our mission and commitment to explore and expand opportunities for relevant services for individuals who have sustained a brain injury. Services begin with recognition of the event of brain injury. To this end, we have spent the last 12 years developing and testing the Brain Check Survey (BCS) – a parent-completed screening tool used to establish a credible history of brain injury, which, in turn, triggers a thorough evaluation of difficulties encountered by students in the classroom. The long-term goal of the use of the Brain Check Survey is to facilitate the process of establishing eligibility for related services under the traumatic brain injury (TBI) eligibility category in K-12 schools across Colorado.

The past research on the BCS brought us to apply for and receive funding for our current project – "A Case Study of the State of Colorado as School Districts Begin Implementing Educational Identification of Students with Brain Injuries Attending K-12 Schools." The LOBI group is preparing to delve into current goings-on in school districts across the state of Colorado regarding the implementation of Colorado’s educational identification of TBI. We aim to identify what’s going well and what barriers have emerged in the wake of both the educational identification legislation and the more recently created TBI eligibility category for Individualized Education Plan (IEP)-linked related services in schools.